Wednesday, September 23, 2009

quick pic

This is the first attempt at  "Sweetheart" earrings from Boutique Tatting.  Umm I know it is upside down but it is 4:30 AM and I have to go to work... But wanted to share anyway :)

I am going the change the center bead as I would be happier with a darker purple in it.. or maybe I will need to go BEAD SHOPPING!!! But what a fun pattern!!


  1. Hi Jeannette,
    You sure don't waste time! An earring already! Love those ,and who would know it's upside the other way anyway!!! Fox : ))

  2. You did a nice job. Don't you just ♥ Marilee's book?!? I do! It's got some great patterns in there and I love how she is so sharing with the fact that we can sell stuff of her design. She's a smart lady. Some tatters get stingy about that sort of thing.

    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. Thanks Fox and TattingChic!
    Yes I just LOVE her book! I have a LONG way to go before I sell any tatting.. I'm such a new-be!!:)
    Although I have had a co-worker hint about me teaching her what I do know.
    Take care !!

  4. Great job on this! I'm glad you are enjoying the pattern :-)

  5. Thank you Yarnplayer!
    I LOVE the pattern (S).. I already have made another set which turned out MUCH better.
    (well the look of my tatting LOL)


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