Monday, September 28, 2009

Houston.... we have a problem..

My attempts at "one shuttle Glamour earrings" leave something to be desired. Could be because I am sick.. could be because I am a dork.. who knows.

To begin I will discuss the necessity of using a Picot gauge.. coming from a die hard "eye-ball- er" when it comes to measuring. I have now learned first hand why it is important.. (see picture one) I had to resort to using smaller beads which didn't look right along with the others and even still it was all wonky as the picot's where "off." Lesson learned.

In picture two, one will notice that I missed a chain completely but my measured Picot are much better... yes I made some gauges cut from cardboard but alas.... I needed to begin again. ~~ smacks self on head~~

At this point I am fast running out of shuttles, since I went to town loading them I had quite a bit of thread left, and this pattern calls for a starting loop so it need to be CTM.. so what does one do? We practice covering rings that's what we do!

So as you can now see in picture #3 my tension is back and forth and I believe the round bead is a bit bigger then the pattern calles for. So I should have perhaps added a stich or two on each side of the SCMR to compensate.. I will give that a try next time to see if that helps. ~~Good Gravy~~ I had better get it right this time.

But since I was getting a bit grumpy about my operorator issues or lack there of, I made this... to practice wrapping the ring, split rings and empty up my shuttles and ~~Big Suprise~~ I missed a join.

Oh well... I did say this "may" end up being a blog on how NOT to tat LOL :)


  1. Your work is lovely, even if you make an occasional mistake. The "not ready for prime time" tats add realism and perspective. Thanks for sharing it all.

  2. Isdihara.. I wanted to thank you for your comment.
    I debated with myself as to if I should post about my tatting boo-boos. But then I decided "if you wait for your tatting to be perfect you may never get too post!" LOL
    Thank you.

  3. Jeannette,
    Keep on posting those boo-boos! Then I will have good company! You certainly are a fast tatter - and your tatting is much better than you are giving it credit for! It is lovely!

    I think you may have perfectionitis, which I am quick to recognize, since I suffer from it regularly!
    Fox : )

  4. Thank you Fox,
    I think I "may" have that 'itis you have mentioned LOL!
    But really, I for the life of me can't seem to get that pattern right!! I'm going to try it again after I get over this cold a bit more, because I WILL WEAR THOSE PRETTY EARRINGS!!! ;)


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