Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Tatting

Today I worked on "Kerosang" from Tatting With Rings by Jon. I really really think this may make  very nice earrings (long wise)... So I am going to make another :)

I need to work on making those last joins more, as it ended up a bit smooshed. I'm hoping it will come with practice.


  1. Those would make fab earrings for sure!---hey, just noticed you are in PO! I grew up there, I live in Puyallup now. My mother in law lives in Port Orchard now. We have a lace guild that meets in Kent once a month if you are interested...

  2. Thanks Fox! I really like that pattern :)

    Thanks Krystle! Funny you grew up out here because I grew up in Puyallup off of 96th LOL! Small world :)
    I would LOVE to find out more about the lace guild. Please email me if you can,@

  3. That's so pretty! Love the colors.


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