Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy.. (always)

Well I have been trying to get My Aunts Tea pot cozy done. I am a bit shocked that there are not more patterns for tea cozy's here in the US...a few more of knitted ones ( and I really am rusty with the knitting) What Yanks don't drink tea!?!?!


Of course I used what Yarn I had on hand. I am making tatted flowers for my Aunt's top. She was an avid Tatter and when she found out that I was learing to tat, she sent me her shuttles. She was a wonderful tatter but had to give it up due to arthritis in her hands. I wish I lived closer I would love to visit her in person.

I am tatting a couple of things with my new Lizbeth thread.... how I managed with out that I don't know! I love the "body" of it and how it holds it's shape.

Anyway... I need to get moving and get that done so I can send it to England!


  1. That teapot cozy is so cute!! And I love the purple flowers!! Nice Job! If this is for your Aunt, I think she will love it.

  2. Hi Carol!
    The picture is off of the pattern site, not made by me... I wish I was that good!:)
    The one I'm making my Aunt is in blue and white with tatted flowers but it is not done yet. I keep getting caught up in other stuff... like tatting LOL! Thanks for stopping by!


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