Monday, September 21, 2009

Bison, Tigers and Bears.. (and a Yak) OH MY!

 There is nothing like.. sloppy wet smooches from  a Yak or two!

Our day at the game farm was simply just WOW!

Yes this is a Bison and you can just make out the nose.. he was bigger then our CAR!

This is a litte guy (yak) that I just feel in love with!

I really couldn't catch it, this sweat grizzly  bear "smiled," waved, just in general mealted my heart! Of course by the time I realized that I should be snapping a pic.. well he was done.

he was just WOW! Okay just two more...

My Hubby and 1/2 of my boys..

a Silly one of me :)

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