Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow time fly's!

I can't believe it has nearly been a year!
I have been so blog lazy, I' m ashamed to say.
Well life has been taking me for a wild ride, between work and kids and Hubby.
I did teach my self to knit tho, and I now have yet another obsession! Between tatting thread and now yarn... I need another house simply for all of the fibers!

So, since I have not tatted for a while I will post my knitting stuff. But I have been working the shuttle trying to get some gifts done for Christmas and realized that I really am a bit rusty.
Had to run back to you tube for a refresher course or ten, since I for the life of me couldn't remember how to do a split chain.. of course in the middle of a project. *sigh * I am SO SO grateful to all of wonderful Tatting video's there!
So here is the knitting...
part of a bag..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yikes.. I better make this quick!!

Well.. my PC had been naughty.... BUT this morning seems to behaving so I had better get this posted !
I received in the mail the biggist suprise last week!

LadyShuttleMakers sent me Two beautiful Hanky's.. I don't think my scanner picks up their beauty but trust me they are SO pretty!
I also got  some HDT... OH MY GOODNESS!!! the colours are YUM!!

Again my scanner washes out the true depth of the colours but "Royalty" is SO pretty. I have NEVER used silk so I am a bit excited to try it!
Thank you So much!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Made these for my trip

I am going to Florida next week and wanted to have a pair of earrings so I made these. I had ran out of the rings so I had to wait to make some more from Jon's new book :(  So I used some small ones I had (13 MM) and used up some thread on the shuttles.

I think they turned out okay..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Tatting

Today I worked on "Kerosang" from Tatting With Rings by Jon. I really really think this may make  very nice earrings (long wise)... So I am going to make another :)

I need to work on making those last joins more, as it ended up a bit smooshed. I'm hoping it will come with practice.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Houston.... we have a problem..

My attempts at "one shuttle Glamour earrings" leave something to be desired. Could be because I am sick.. could be because I am a dork.. who knows.

To begin I will discuss the necessity of using a Picot gauge.. coming from a die hard "eye-ball- er" when it comes to measuring. I have now learned first hand why it is important.. (see picture one) I had to resort to using smaller beads which didn't look right along with the others and even still it was all wonky as the picot's where "off." Lesson learned.

In picture two, one will notice that I missed a chain completely but my measured Picot are much better... yes I made some gauges cut from cardboard but alas.... I needed to begin again. ~~ smacks self on head~~

At this point I am fast running out of shuttles, since I went to town loading them I had quite a bit of thread left, and this pattern calls for a starting loop so it need to be CTM.. so what does one do? We practice covering rings that's what we do!

So as you can now see in picture #3 my tension is back and forth and I believe the round bead is a bit bigger then the pattern calles for. So I should have perhaps added a stich or two on each side of the SCMR to compensate.. I will give that a try next time to see if that helps. ~~Good Gravy~~ I had better get it right this time.

But since I was getting a bit grumpy about my operorator issues or lack there of, I made this... to practice wrapping the ring, split rings and empty up my shuttles and ~~Big Suprise~~ I missed a join.

Oh well... I did say this "may" end up being a blog on how NOT to tat LOL :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

WAY to much fun....

I caught a silly "kids back to school cold" but did I let that stop me from playing??? Of course not! So in between the sneazing and sniffles I made THESE!!

More "Sweetheart Earrings" from Yarnplayer's book "Boutique Tatting, which I like better with the dark purple bead BTW:) I think the Josephine chain is getting better with the practice and they are fun to do!
I also made the first Motif  called "Melati" from Jon's Book "Tatting With Rings"
I really should not tat with a fever, because I messed up and had four beads in a picot and then had to make one with two just to keep it even. :(
Even still I don't think it is half bad for a first time tatting around a ring, since I have never done that before.
So for now it is off to take a nap after a soak in the tub..... come when ever I "feel" good I NEVER get the time to do that kind of thing? The world may never know....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another new Book and more GOOD mail!!

Yesterday I got "Tatting with Rings" By Jon Yusoff. Just WOW! 
Very clear instructions ( very important to a new-be like me!) I was out of colour ink sadly but that didn't stop me from printing it out.. nope.. when there is a will there is a way LOL.
I can't wait to start  them!

AND.... My order from HH came! Yes I ordered some more LizBeth Caribbean.. I just LOVE that colour, but I did get some in 40 just to be daring! (what was I thinking that is some small thread!!) I did order some others Like Purple splender and Turquois (okay two kinds) I really need to break out of  my "colour zone" I think.. but that will have to wait for next time!