Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yikes.. I better make this quick!!

Well.. my PC had been naughty.... BUT this morning seems to behaving so I had better get this posted !
I received in the mail the biggist suprise last week!

LadyShuttleMakers sent me Two beautiful Hanky's.. I don't think my scanner picks up their beauty but trust me they are SO pretty!
I also got  some HDT... OH MY GOODNESS!!! the colours are YUM!!

Again my scanner washes out the true depth of the colours but "Royalty" is SO pretty. I have NEVER used silk so I am a bit excited to try it!
Thank you So much!!


  1. You must truly be feeling like a queen, after receiving such tatting largesse! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Royalty.

    Silk thread is a bit more slippery than cotton, but it is a dream to work with! Rings close with a mere wisp of a'll see. Have fun!

  2. You've been a little silent lately. Think you'll make it to the lace guild this month?

  3. That thread does look lovely! I hope you've been enjoying it!
    ~TattingChic ♥


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