Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Tatting

Today I worked on "Kerosang" from Tatting With Rings by Jon. I really really think this may make  very nice earrings (long wise)... So I am going to make another :)

I need to work on making those last joins more, as it ended up a bit smooshed. I'm hoping it will come with practice.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Houston.... we have a problem..

My attempts at "one shuttle Glamour earrings" leave something to be desired. Could be because I am sick.. could be because I am a dork.. who knows.

To begin I will discuss the necessity of using a Picot gauge.. coming from a die hard "eye-ball- er" when it comes to measuring. I have now learned first hand why it is important.. (see picture one) I had to resort to using smaller beads which didn't look right along with the others and even still it was all wonky as the picot's where "off." Lesson learned.

In picture two, one will notice that I missed a chain completely but my measured Picot are much better... yes I made some gauges cut from cardboard but alas.... I needed to begin again. ~~ smacks self on head~~

At this point I am fast running out of shuttles, since I went to town loading them I had quite a bit of thread left, and this pattern calls for a starting loop so it need to be CTM.. so what does one do? We practice covering rings that's what we do!

So as you can now see in picture #3 my tension is back and forth and I believe the round bead is a bit bigger then the pattern calles for. So I should have perhaps added a stich or two on each side of the SCMR to compensate.. I will give that a try next time to see if that helps. ~~Good Gravy~~ I had better get it right this time.

But since I was getting a bit grumpy about my operorator issues or lack there of, I made this... to practice wrapping the ring, split rings and empty up my shuttles and ~~Big Suprise~~ I missed a join.

Oh well... I did say this "may" end up being a blog on how NOT to tat LOL :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

WAY to much fun....

I caught a silly "kids back to school cold" but did I let that stop me from playing??? Of course not! So in between the sneazing and sniffles I made THESE!!

More "Sweetheart Earrings" from Yarnplayer's book "Boutique Tatting, which I like better with the dark purple bead BTW:) I think the Josephine chain is getting better with the practice and they are fun to do!
I also made the first Motif  called "Melati" from Jon's Book "Tatting With Rings"
I really should not tat with a fever, because I messed up and had four beads in a picot and then had to make one with two just to keep it even. :(
Even still I don't think it is half bad for a first time tatting around a ring, since I have never done that before.
So for now it is off to take a nap after a soak in the tub..... hummmm...how come when ever I "feel" good I NEVER get the time to do that kind of thing? The world may never know....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another new Book and more GOOD mail!!

Yesterday I got "Tatting with Rings" By Jon Yusoff. Just WOW! 
Very clear instructions ( very important to a new-be like me!) I was out of colour ink sadly but that didn't stop me from printing it out.. nope.. when there is a will there is a way LOL.
I can't wait to start  them!

AND.... My order from HH came! Yes I ordered some more LizBeth Caribbean.. I just LOVE that colour, but I did get some in 40 just to be daring! (what was I thinking that is some small thread!!) I did order some others Like Purple splender and Turquois (okay two kinds) I really need to break out of  my "colour zone" I think.. but that will have to wait for next time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

quick pic

This is the first attempt at  "Sweetheart" earrings from Boutique Tatting.  Umm I know it is upside down but it is 4:30 AM and I have to go to work... But wanted to share anyway :)

I am going the change the center bead as I would be happier with a darker purple in it.. or maybe I will need to go BEAD SHOPPING!!! But what a fun pattern!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I got the best mail today! I received one of the books I ordered and it is even better then I expected!!! I am SO excited to get busy with it! Beautiful pictures, high quality paper and clear instructions!

It's Yarnplayers "Boutique Tatting"
Yes, I'm posting the link to her etsy shop, so all of you can get your own copy... that is if you haven't already ;)

Okay that is one to check off of my "wish list".. and a ga-billion more to go! LOL!

Self Published books

When I started to Tat about 1 and 1/2 ago, I went on a search for books. I did searches in the library and ended up on eBay. While I did get quite a few books that are classics, many where hard to follow and the terminology was like a foreign language, especially for someone like me who was just starting out. I didn't realize that modern Tatting designers had a whole other "book world" over in self publishing land. A fact I had just "realized" before my computer went to PC heaven.

Being an Artist myself ( although in mediums other then in lace making) I am naturally more inclined to support other artists, directly if possible. As far as I 'm concerned we need more artists in this world and if by supporting them we can keep them creating.. well... the world will be that much better right? Right!

As far as in the tatting world, if it wasn't for these artists who shared tatting techniques and free patterns in order to try those techniques, many of us would not be tatting right now, as often there is not a tatting teacher in sight. ~~Peek- Peek~ Nope - nadda one!~~

So forgive me, but I am a bit partial to those who have taken the time to to be my "virtual tatting teachers," encouraging myself and countless others to "keep going, you are doing great!", even though my rings kept getting stuck and my chains looked bumpy, and I cried over split rings.

The point you may ask to all of this long blubbering?  Well I really do have one, honest!
It is to point those who may be looking, too some of these Artists who have books and supplies. So perhaps you don't have to wander as much as I did :)

So Instead of listing each one, as there are so many!
Here is a link to a blog that has many of the pattern books that tatting designers have to offer.
http://tattingbooks.blogspot.com/  Yes, I want one of each! I believe that it is updated  when desigeners have new books out, but it is a good starting point when looking for modern tatting patterns.

But many of these sellers also have Hand dyed threads you can pick up at VERY reasonable prices and the colors are well... just plain YUMMY.
 Hand made shuttles so beautiful, you will be afraid to use it ( but really you are supposed too!)
Simply just  click on their names (Under contributors) too  get to their blog/profile, where you can find out where and how to buy from them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bison, Tigers and Bears.. (and a Yak) OH MY!

 There is nothing like.. sloppy wet smooches from  a Yak or two!

Our day at the game farm was simply just WOW!

Yes this is a Bison and you can just make out the nose.. he was bigger then our CAR!

This is a litte guy (yak) that I just feel in love with!

I really couldn't catch it, this sweat grizzly  bear "smiled," waved, just in general mealted my heart! Of course by the time I realized that I should be snapping a pic.. well he was done.

he was just WOW! Okay just two more...

My Hubby and 1/2 of my boys..

a Silly one of me :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When it rains....

it pours!!
Today we are taking the boys to the Olympic game farm!

I have lived here all of my life and have never been, so this is going to be fun!

But I don't have a working camera and I called to ask Mum if I could use her's for the day. So I went out to go pick it up and she gave me an early Christmas gift looks a bit like this but mine is all silver..
Yes I would LOVE this color... but way cool!!

What is way cool is I can record 10 min movies with sound.. not that I would know what to record but "just in case" it will be fun!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can tell that the tatting bug has bitten

When Jeannette  actually got excited about getting an ironing board and iron.  You see I don't iron.. I hate it, don't buy clothes that need it, refuse to sit there and iron for hours and then come to find "the boys" have simply scrunched them in a heap! I told Mum I was allergic.

 But running to my Mums in Puyallup WA to iron tatting was getting just plain silly.  So yes I caved in. Not that I will be using it for anything BUT tatting ! LOL
I at last have 3 days off and plan to get caught up on some of my tatting. For the past couple of weeks I haven't had much time and the grumpy girl formally known as "Jeannette," seems to be scaring the kids and hubby!

Friday, September 18, 2009


My Birthday was on the 1 st of Sept. and when Hubby and the boys asked what I wanted.. I (of course ) said TATTING STUFF!!!

Well..  it was bad timing around my birthday BUT today I was able to Buy 2 Books from fellow bloggers that I have been drooling about for some time.. and a GOOBER LOAD of thread from HHT!
Boy does the $ go fast but only because I got it all at one time really..
 Thank goodness one is in a PDF so I will be able to get that really soon.. but I will still be camped out by my mailbox all next week!!
This has been such a super wonderful day!!:)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well.. I think using my scanner will work to up load a few pictures of the tatting I am working on :)
SO this is a practice shot of a piece I have yet to hide the ends in and block ((so don't look to close at it yet)) ...
Wow... right? Kind of smushy looking.. but this  scanning thing may just work!! I hope so, since I feel silly having a tatting blog with no picutes of tatting... now I want to go and dig up some done pieces, well if I have any since I tend to give most of my tatting away as gifts but I should have a couple around here SOMEPLACE LOL!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LadyShuttleMaker's weekly Monday MONDO Giveaway

Okay I'm MZ antsy pants,
The giveaway does not start until the 14th.. just incase anyone else gets a bit over excited.. kind of like I did ;0)! So starting the 14th one will need to put a comment on LadyShuttleMaker's blog every MONDAY in order to enter for that week. Here is the link just in case someone on a small remote island didn't hear about it...

Tatting Tales ~ All things Tatting (It's an obsession): LadyShuttleMaker's weekly Monday MONDO Giveaway

On to other news.....
 I am without a camera, thanks to a teenage son ( who will remain nameless) that felt that by taking  500 pictures of himself for his myspace and then quickly stashing it under the couch cushion when the parental units came in, was some kind of fabulous and well thought out idea. That is, until he forgot  about it and it was sat on. Brilliant.

SOOOO I was thinking of trying to update pics of my tatting projects by using my scanner. Will it work? I hope so, as I don't think I can stand to look at the old ones for much longer!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some links that..

I should have looked at a year and half ago!

Yes I jumped right in and just started to "go for it" when I started tatting! But the current project that I started helped me understand that sometimes one needs to start at the beginning..

So, since this was one of the FIRST things I should have learned!
Lets start with hiding the threads.

Here is a youtube link that was helpful for me.

Here is one with a splitring:

Better late then never I guess, I never could start the "right" way! :)

Okay the UFO I am working on called for this, a splitchain. What is that you may ask? (okay that is what I asked LOL)
Well Jon's blog saved me from a lot of tears and she has step by step pictures!!!http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/2008/10/split-chain.html

Thats all for now....

Busy.. (always)

Well I have been trying to get My Aunts Tea pot cozy done. I am a bit shocked that there are not more patterns for tea cozy's here in the US...a few more of knitted ones ( and I really am rusty with the knitting) What Yanks don't drink tea!?!?!


Of course I used what Yarn I had on hand. I am making tatted flowers for my Aunt's top. She was an avid Tatter and when she found out that I was learing to tat, she sent me her shuttles. She was a wonderful tatter but had to give it up due to arthritis in her hands. I wish I lived closer I would love to visit her in person.

I am tatting a couple of things with my new Lizbeth thread.... how I managed with out that I don't know! I love the "body" of it and how it holds it's shape.

Anyway... I need to get moving and get that done so I can send it to England!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been good for me

For a couple of reasons. I was off line for 16 months so OF COURSE I can not remember my pass word for my old blog! So I needed to start a new one. I also will post my old pictures of my first attempts of tatting.

But NO laughing...

Boy I really thought they looked great! Umm... really not so much now that I "re- looked" at them LOL!
Above for my Mom... what was I thinking?!?!? I think I bumped my head! A shuttle in a new-be's hands is a dangerous thing!

This was for my Aunt in England.. a bit better, not by much though.
I really have been tatting much better since I first proudly posted these. ((Honestly)) :)