Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been good for me

For a couple of reasons. I was off line for 16 months so OF COURSE I can not remember my pass word for my old blog! So I needed to start a new one. I also will post my old pictures of my first attempts of tatting.

But NO laughing...

Boy I really thought they looked great! Umm... really not so much now that I "re- looked" at them LOL!
Above for my Mom... what was I thinking?!?!? I think I bumped my head! A shuttle in a new-be's hands is a dangerous thing!

This was for my Aunt in England.. a bit better, not by much though.
I really have been tatting much better since I first proudly posted these. ((Honestly)) :)


  1. Welcome back... I guess I have to make one of these now. Love you chickie!

  2. Well, hello, Jeannette! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your tatting looks good even though I am sure it has improved since doing these! I know, because I am also self-taught (one year tatter!) and every time I do something I see it is better than the last thing I did! (Makes posting older pics difficult, eh?!) Keep posting! Fox : ))


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