Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self Published books

When I started to Tat about 1 and 1/2 ago, I went on a search for books. I did searches in the library and ended up on eBay. While I did get quite a few books that are classics, many where hard to follow and the terminology was like a foreign language, especially for someone like me who was just starting out. I didn't realize that modern Tatting designers had a whole other "book world" over in self publishing land. A fact I had just "realized" before my computer went to PC heaven.

Being an Artist myself ( although in mediums other then in lace making) I am naturally more inclined to support other artists, directly if possible. As far as I 'm concerned we need more artists in this world and if by supporting them we can keep them creating.. well... the world will be that much better right? Right!

As far as in the tatting world, if it wasn't for these artists who shared tatting techniques and free patterns in order to try those techniques, many of us would not be tatting right now, as often there is not a tatting teacher in sight. ~~Peek- Peek~ Nope - nadda one!~~

So forgive me, but I am a bit partial to those who have taken the time to to be my "virtual tatting teachers," encouraging myself and countless others to "keep going, you are doing great!", even though my rings kept getting stuck and my chains looked bumpy, and I cried over split rings.

The point you may ask to all of this long blubbering?  Well I really do have one, honest!
It is to point those who may be looking, too some of these Artists who have books and supplies. So perhaps you don't have to wander as much as I did :)

So Instead of listing each one, as there are so many!
Here is a link to a blog that has many of the pattern books that tatting designers have to offer.
http://tattingbooks.blogspot.com/  Yes, I want one of each! I believe that it is updated  when desigeners have new books out, but it is a good starting point when looking for modern tatting patterns.

But many of these sellers also have Hand dyed threads you can pick up at VERY reasonable prices and the colors are well... just plain YUMMY.
 Hand made shuttles so beautiful, you will be afraid to use it ( but really you are supposed too!)
Simply just  click on their names (Under contributors) too  get to their blog/profile, where you can find out where and how to buy from them.

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