Friday, September 25, 2009

Another new Book and more GOOD mail!!

Yesterday I got "Tatting with Rings" By Jon Yusoff. Just WOW! 
Very clear instructions ( very important to a new-be like me!) I was out of colour ink sadly but that didn't stop me from printing it out.. nope.. when there is a will there is a way LOL.
I can't wait to start  them!

AND.... My order from HH came! Yes I ordered some more LizBeth Caribbean.. I just LOVE that colour, but I did get some in 40 just to be daring! (what was I thinking that is some small thread!!) I did order some others Like Purple splender and Turquois (okay two kinds) I really need to break out of  my "colour zone" I think.. but that will have to wait for next time!


  1. Getting a HH thread order in the mail is such a thrill - almost as good as Christmas morning. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

    You'll laugh, but my mail carrier, a wonderful lady, has picked up on my penchant for thread orders. She delivers HH boxes to the door.

    You're going to love your new size 40 thread!

  2. Oh I was SO excited! I just can't believe how many colors they have! I am a bit spooked about using the size 40.. it is taking me forever to get used to the 20!LOL


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